Yuhuan Wanrong Copper Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the famous China bibcock manufacturers and China bibcock suppliers. We maintain long-term contact and cooperation with our customers, and to provide them with quality valve products and quality service.
Our valves mainly include ball valves, bibcock, Angle valves, gate valves, check valves, bottom valves, filter valves and so on.
We produce zinc alloy products and copper products, a wide range of products, the company has rich experience in manufacturing valves, we hope to find the products they need for customers.
We look forward to being your long-term partner in China.
-- Yuhuan Wanrong Copper Co., Ltd. Professional valve manufacturer

Bibcock is a valve - type device usually used on water pipes.
Water nozzle is a device for opening and closing the water medium and controlling the water flow and water temperature at the outlet.
We produce bibcock electroplating surface gloss uniform, spraying surface tissue fine, smooth and uniform, no hanging, exposed and other defects.
Smooth polished surface, no obvious burr, scratch phenomenon, deeply loved by customers.

The ball valves produced by Yuhuan Wanrong Copper Industry Co., Ltd. have obtained IOS9001 certification and CE certification. Our company has also been praised by the local government and obtained the certification of China's honest enterprise.
Our products are sold all over the world, and we supply high quality and low price products for local dealers. We have long-term partners in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia, and we also hope to be your partner.
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  • Lock bibcock is a ball valve produced by Wanrong Copper Industry Co., LTD.The lock faucet adopts national standard 0# high quality zinc ingot.Locking leading sealed performance is good, smooth switch, can meet the requirements of multiple continuous fast shut down, to ensure the product from high temperature 60 ℃ to 10 ℃ low temperature - good sealing performance, and we are the optimization of product and process optimization, lay the foundation for we provide customers high quality products, and become their good quality suppliers.

  • Cooper Bibcock is a cut - off structure copper faucet produced by Wanrong Copper Industry Co., LTD.The copper bibcock uses the European standard copper, guarantees the product quality from the raw material.The copper faucet has good sealing, strong corrosion resistance and smooth switch, which can meet the needs of continuous and fast closing for many times.This product can work normally in the high temperature of 100℃ to low temperature of -20℃.We strive for excellence in products, in order to better meet the needs of customers, and provide preferential products to customers, we hope to be your quality partner.

  • Brass bibcock is a spherical structure Brass bibcock produced by Wanrong Copper Co., Ltd.
    The Brass bibcock is European standard Brass, from the raw material to ensure the quality of the product.
    The Brass bibcock has good tightness, strong corrosion resistance, and smooth switch to meet the needs of multiple and continuous quick closing. The product can work normally in the environment of high temperature 100℃ to low temperature -20℃.

  • Zinc bibcock is a ball valve produced by Wanrong Copper Co., LTD.Zinc bibcock adopts national standard 0# high quality zinc ingot.The sealing performance of the zinc bibcock is good, the switch is stable, which can meet the requirements of many consecutive and fast closing, and ensure the good sealing performance of the product from high temperature 60℃ to low temperature -10℃.Because we uphold the attitude of mutual benefit and excellence, we provide customers with long-term quality preferential valve products, and meet customer needs.

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